Specification and Quality Assurance Steel

Alloy Steel – Stampings

Alloy Steel – Forgings

Both Types of steel afford superior tensile strength and plating adhesion properties


Our hardware meets or exceeds

ANSI Z-359.1
  • CSA Z259.12
  • CE – EN362
  • ANSI Z359.12 where noted


Parts are plated in accordance with CSA and ANSI Standards for fall protection hardware. Plating is available in zinc-chromate (silver color) or zinc-dichromate (gold color). Most parts also available in stainless steel and black polyester coating. Other types of plating on request.


Hardware parts undergo a rigorous inspection process including:

  • Proof testing to ANSI, CSA and CE standards
  • 100% inspection for functionality, plating and appearance
  • Magnaflux testing (forged hardware)


All parts have the following markings

    • Part Number
    • Minimum tensile strength (5M, 4M)
Heat Code (material and processing traceability)
Manufacturer mark
    • CSA Logo (where applicable)
    • CE Standard (where applicable)
For ANSI Z359.12 hardware
  • Gate marked with 3600 lbs. or 3.6m
  • For carabiners/hardware with non-integral eyes, gate also marked with ANSI Z359.12